Team LaGuardia provides a firm base for integrated technical and corporate security solutions. As a one-stop shop for customized technical security solutions, we provide the platform for designing, building and servicing the systems and training its clients.

LaGuardia offers its clients the most recent and reliable technology offerings in the marketplace through its strong business relationships with leading companies that are established providers in the key infrastructure security markets. LaGuardia not fixed to one particular technology, is able to offer its clients the ability to build their solutions from the myriad of innovative security technologies.

Security Environment in Pakistan presents substantial security challenges especially to the visiting Expats. Whether in conflict zones, areas of political instability, or where specific threats exist in relation to terrorism, we ensure highest levels of asset, executive and personnel security.

We work at maintaining solid relationships with the local authorities and this is a key element of our successful strategy. We maintain a low profile, backed up by the highest quality resources in terms of planning, people and equipment.

We use the military antiterrorist methods and skills developed post 9/11 that means we can operate with maximum safety and efficiency to meet your company's objectives.

Our staff is of the highest caliber and is limited toexperienced former Special Service Group (SSG) personnel and ex Pak Mil professionals who specialize in hostile environment security.

To this end, our core competencies and products include:

  • International Travel Advisory
  • Threat Assessment/ Risk Mitigation for Pakistan
  • Protective Security Details (PSD) including transportation
  • Life Support including boarding, lodging &Perimeter Security
  • Quick Reaction Force Services (QRF)
  • Static Site Security Services
  • Mobile Security for Logistics Operations
  • Crisis Management and Incident handling
  • Turn Key Security Solution for Ex Pats traveling to Pakistan
  • Specialized Radio-electronic Devices for VIP Personal & Property Protection
  • Miniature Audio & Video Transmitting Systems for Undercover Operations
  • Digital Signals Analyzing & Processing Equipments
  • IR & Night Vision Technology
  • GSM/Thuraya Monitoring Systems
  • Explosive Detection Systems
  • Metal Detectors
  • Access Control Systems
  • Customized Security Software
  • Intelligence & Surveillance Equipment
  • IED Jammers
  • Laser Devices
  • Industrial Automation Systems
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